Yana Nesper was awarded the "Inhorgenta Award" as "Designer of the year" for her unconventional, innovative and versatile pearl jewelry design.

As an all-round talented jewellery designer and combined with the high pearl expertise of her husband Frank Nesper, Yana Nesper founded her jewellery brand in 2010. But the story extends much further into the past: together, she and husband Frank have been running the family business Heinz Nesper GmbH, founded in 1970 and one of the most important importers of cultured pearls in Europe, for 20 years. Under the jewellery label itself, Yana makes her own designs shine.
Akoya pearls are considered the "birth pearl" of modern pearl culture. For more than 100 years, the fine white, silvery shimmering pearl has been cultivated in Japan and beyond its borders. Find out what you need to know about it and how it is perfect for fine pearl jewellery here.
The bride's wedding jewellery has a special significance on this special day. Throughout the ages, fine jewellery has symbolised the precious alliance and the sheer specialness that a wedding is and always has been. Precious gemstones and gleaming gold were for a long time attributed to nobility and life's most important occasions.
If you want to expand your investment portfolio or simply invest your money wisely, you may never have thought of pearls as an investment. While the demand for high quality pearls is increasing, the supply is decreasing due to environmental influences and the consequences of the global pandemic. In the following, you will learn why pearls are the best investment choice and how you can build up your pearl collection step by step.
Once again our wonderful pieces of jewellery get to shine in a styled shoot: YANA NESPER for the BUNTE Quarterly issue in April 2022, with actress Marie Bäumer in the spotlight.
Layering with jewellery refers to wearing several pieces of jewellery at the same time and on top of each other. Cleverly styled, this creates an extremely luxurious and feather-light look that exudes elegance and style. With the perfect combination of jewellery pieces, both the individual pieces and the overall look are emphasised.