Pearl jewellery for the wedding - the timeless classic for ever and ever

The bride's wedding jewellery has a special significance on this special day. Throughout the ages, fine jewellery has symbolised the precious alliance and the sheer specialness that a wedding is and always has been. Precious gemstones and gleaming gold were for a long time attributed to nobility and life's most important occasions.

It is no surprise that pearl jewellery for weddings also has a long and historic tradition. As a precious and rare jewel, pearls were reserved for bridal jewellery. Even the late Queen Elizabeth II wore a stunning pearl necklace of the royal family collection for her own wedding in 1947. The classic and feminine charm of cream-coloured pearls has underlined the natural elegance and beauty of its wearers for centuries and still does today. 

What part does jewellery take in the wedding?

For many brides, the choice of the entire outfit for the wedding day is sometimes the highlight of the planning. Apart from the wedding dress, hairstyle, shoes, make-up and accessories receive special attention. Accessories range from veils and stoles to jewellery and bags. Bridesmaids, friends and family are often involved here too. So choosing the right, harmonious jewellery is not just for the bride alone. 

Jewellery for the bride

The bride herself, as the centre of the celebration, usually comes first when it comes to jewellery: everything has to match. To the bride as a person, to the dress, in terms of style, tone in tone with the decoration. Pearl jewellery is a welcome option here: smoothly neutral, cream-coloured pearls blend into almost any image. They fade into the background and beautifully highlight the beauty and elegance of the bride.

Jewellery as a morning gift

Jewellery has also proved to be a popular morning gift for the groom. What could be better than waking up after an eventful day and being presented with a shiny new piece of jewellery? Pearls are often chosen as a morning gift because their enduring nature symbolises the eternity and bond of the wedding once again in a beautiful and touchable way. 

Jewellery as a gift to bridesmaids and family

Before the wedding hustle and bustle begins or shortly after it ends, there is usually time to say thank you, especially to those who have been closest to the bride and groom. Jewellery also often plays the role of a gift: bridesmaids, mothers, sisters and other friends and family members are often given gifts to make the day and the experience even more memorable. Pearl jewellery is also a wonderful idea to remember the wedding with your loved ones forever by wearing the pearls. 


Why is pearl jewellery perfect for a wedding?

Pearls are always unique

Bridal jewellery is as unique as the woman who wears it. On her wedding day, she is the centre of attention, in the midst of her loved ones. What is particularly beautiful about pearls is that - just like a bride - they are always unique. Sprung from a single oyster in the depths of the sea, each individual pearl is unique, having no twin and never finding one. Also the day of the wedding is unique.

Pearls remain beautiful even for decades

On their wedding day, the bride and groom promise themselves eternal love and faithfulness to each other in all days and situations of life. Here, too, pearls offer a wonderful resemblance; as a high-quality natural jewel, they last for years and decades - it is not for nothing that pearls are often found in traditional heirloom collections. They stand for stability, for elegance and for the depth - of the ocean and also of love. Pearls as bridal jewellery thus symbolise the unique analogy: uniqueness for eternity.

Pearls are wearable - for the wedding and beyond

In practical terms, pearls are also immensely comfortable to wear. As in the YANA NESPER Charmant collection combined with classic yellow gold, the white-silver Akoya pearls nestle softly against the skin and gracefully elevate the look in a wedding dress. Designer Yana Nesper tests each and every one of her designs herself to ensure they offer a great feel and exude the inherent elegance of pearls.

Few wedding gestures could be more beautiful than the desire to wear your bridal jewellery regularly, even after the special day. Pearl jewellery can be styled with almost any outfit to create a sophisticated look and is also very trendy. Pearl jewellery is also extremely stable in value - you can find out why pearls can even be suitable as an investment in the previous blog article on pearls as an investment.

Which pearl jewellery is appropriate for the wedding?

The most popular pearl for wedding jewellery is the Akoya pearl. In the cool waters of Japan, the fine Akoya cultured pearl matures in the oyster Pinctata martensii, or, as they say in Japan, in the "Akoya oyster". It is one of the undisputed classics, the most sought-after pearls in the world, and is known for its highly distinctive lustre, its dense, smooth surface and its brilliant radiance. It is this fantastic lustre and shimmer that makes them particularly popular for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies. Their almost perfect round shape and their delicate pink to silver shimmering luster remain unsurpassed. Akoya cultured pearls are mostly white and present themselves with silver and rosé nuances - the lighter an Akoya pearl, the more precious.

Akoya rings, Akoya necklaces and Akoya earrings

The finest Akoya pearls of sustainable nature and first-class quality are also used in the YANA NESPER designs. The designer puts a lot of thought into each of the jewellery designs, tests each design to find out if it is suitable for everyday wear and if it is comfortable to wear, and internalises the wishes and dreams of the future wearer. Our CHARMANT collection was therefore designed with a bride as wearer in mind and also recommended by, Germany's largest wedding inspiration site. Classic, feminine and delicate, it highlights the bride on the most wonderful day of her life with the incomparable lustre of the Akoya pearl. Creoles with pearls, delicate earrings, dainty pearl rings and more can be admired among the bridal jewellery ideas in combination with the finest gold and sometimes diamonds. Click here for the CHARMANT collection. 

Photos by Karolina Woznicka & Julia Bartelt
Styling by Anna Seipp and Frieda Theres

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