Luxury Layering - How to wear pearl necklaces at their best

There is a saying in English: "The more, the merrier". This does not mean that more is necessarily better. It means that it is only through the interaction of differences to create dynamism. This beautiful insight also applies to the current layering trend. Here, the individual and innovative combination of different jewels creates an unexpected power. Especially with pearl jewellery - when it is staged in a modern way, as in our case - a surprising effect unfolds.


What is Layering? 

Layering with jewellery refers to wearing several pieces of jewellery at the same time and on top of each other. Cleverly styled, this creates an extremely luxurious and feather-light look that exudes elegance and style. With the perfect combination of jewellery pieces, both the individual pieces and the overall look are emphasised.

 With delicate and delicately designed jewellery on trend, layering is especially popular right now, and not just for necklaces - earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings can also be included in the layering look. There are a few things to keep in mind when layering, so as not to make the look too cluttered or too jumbled. 


5 specific tips on how best to wear and style pearl necklaces

Now that you know what jewellery layering is all about, we have summarised 5 simple and specific tips below on how you can best get started with layering yourself. Of course, there are no limits to your taste and creativity. The following advice comes from Yana Nesper herself, who has been perfectly showcasing pearl jewellery and her elegant designs for many years.

1. Stick to one colour combination (for example gold with white pearls)

Colours are beautiful, and colourful jewellery can also be an excellent way to express a certain style. However, when layering, stick to the same colour or the same two. For example, if you choose the very popular classic combo of yellow gold and white pearls, you will achieve a full, voluminous and condensed look that enhances and emphasises the respective effect of the two colours. Not every piece of jewellery necessarily has to contain both colours. 


2. Grading necklace lengths

Similar to the colours, you can create more density by using different lengths. Imagine putting three necklaces of the same length on top of each other. This leads to a lot of "going on" at the lowest point, but the décolleté is quite sparse. Instead, choose three different lengths, so you cover a larger area, which the pearls set off perfectly. It loosens up the look and adds a dense yet light and airy touch to the outfit.

YANA NESPER necklaces are particularly well suited for layering for exactly this reason: almost all of the necklaces are equipped with a flexible slide closure that allows you to adjust the chain length completely steplessly. This means that you can easily adjust different chains to create the perfect luxury layering look..


3. Light at the top and heavier towards the bottom

Tip number 3 goes hand in hand with number 2. If you are careful to vary the chain lengths, how light and heavy the different chains are should also be taken into account. Large, heavy beads, larger pendants and thick chain links find the best place at the bottom. The lighter, more delicate and filigree the jewellery design, the closer to the neck it fits in the layering trend. The lightness towards the top and heaviness towards the bottom gives layering a balance and an order back into the easy, intentional mix-up in layering. 

4. Wear long necklaces double

If you want to try out necklace layering, you don't have to wear three, four or more necklaces at once. Long necklaces, for example, are usually perfect to simply wear double over the neck - this creates an immediate, light layering effect. In addition, you can add a second, longer necklace - et voilà: With two necklaces alone, you have already created an elegant, triple layering look.


5. Mix old and new necklaces

If you like layering, you don't have to invest in new jewellery right away. Even if some necklaces, especially adjustable ones, are more suitable and easier to wear than others, almost any necklace can be used in layering. Do you have a necklace that you particularly like to wear? Use it as a starting point in terms of colour and length to consider which other necklaces could go with it. In this way, you can end up mixing old and new necklaces to achieve a beautiful and at the same time sophisticated layering look.

Shop necklaces for layering

YANA NESPER necklaces are particularly suitable for luxury layering - many combinable colours, adjustable slide closures and a variety of light as well as heavy chains make the choice not so easy. Click here to see our favourite pieces for the layering trend. 

Our Luxury Layering Lookbook

In the heart of Paris, for centuries the epicentre of the avant-garde and the home of art, style and trends, photographer Silvia Markeviciute and Munich fashion blogger Anna Borisovna have captured the special magic of layering in inspiring images. They show how the finely tuned interplay of varying lengths, looks, sizes, materials and shapes creates uniqueness. And they want to encourage you to combine pearl jewellery unconventionally and according to your own ideas. After all, layering is not about the individual pieces of jewellery, but always about your personality! 


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